Ways to Spruce Up Your Space in Winter

Let’s be honest: If you live in Minnesota, you’re probably spending more time at home in January, February, and March because baby, it is COLD outside. Why not start out the new year by sprucing up a room—or a few rooms—so that you enjoy being at home that much more? As New York interior designer Brynn Olson comments, “How you shape your space will shape your day.”

Here are a few ways to jazz up the rooms in your house without breaking the bank:

  • Buy yourself flowers. They smell pretty, they look pretty, they add a little pop of color when the skies are cold and grey. You don’t need a special occasion. (Or, if you feel the need to justify the purchase, just remind yourself that you live in Minnesota in winter. There. That’s reason enough to deserve flowers.)
  • Buy plants. There’s nothing that says “Hang in there, spring and summer will return” like looking at houseplants every day. (Bonus: They also help filter the air.)
  • Change out throw pillows or slip covers with crisp whites, bright solids, or fun patterns.
  • Paint a room in your house in a warm “summery” color. Even just painting one wall in a room can transform a space.
  • Strategically hang a mirror near a window so that beams of sunlight can bounce into the room.
  • Do some deep cleaning. De-clutter. Donate items you don’t need, use, or like.
  • Rearrange the furniture.
  • Upgrade the lighting.
  • Replace an old rug with a bright new pattern, or consider buying a rug where you currently don’t have one (if you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, this is a good spot to add an area rug—makes it a little less painful to get up in the morning). Add new artwork to your walls. Swap out an old shower curtain with a new one.
  • Buy some new candles and a warm, cozy throw blanket.
  • Paint a bookcase, a table, or an end table.
  • Use tabletop décor to add interesting texture: Mix and match wood, glass, ceramics, fabrics, and bamboo.
  • Wear bright colors. (Ok, this isn’t exactly a way to spruce up your space, but it can potentially boost your mood, so break out those bright colors and wear them with confidence.)

Try one (or a few) of these ideas to beat the winter blahs. Soon enough, the snow will melt and the temps will climb and the sun will shine and winter will fade into spring. And if you still feel bummed about living in Minnesota, just remind yourself that it could be worse. You could live in Antarctica, where the average high temperature in June is around -72 degrees F.



By Chrissy Sarinske


Personal Designer

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