The Ultimate Eden Prairie Christmas Tree


Each year, just after Thanksgiving, Soni Styrlund lets loose her inner stylist. She and her two daughters hang more than 1,000 ornaments on some eight trees throughout their Eden Prairie home. The trees’ themes are far from serious, reflecting the family’s passions as well as offbeat collections. The “Angelic Music Tree” includes one daughter’s gold and silver trombones, sheet music, and angels that symbolize Soni’s daughters, music, and harmony. The “Family Tree” includes treasured handmade ornaments and a soccer theme befitting a family of soccer players and fans. Then there’s the “Santa Bear Tree,” a collection of the stuffed bears once a Dayton’s department store holiday tradition. Like several of the Styrlund’s themes, this one took on a life of its own, with family and friends contributing Santa Bears from the toy’s 23-year life span.



By Chris Lee
Photos by TJ Turner

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