Trendspotting: Pink

Pink is for girls. And boys. And living rooms, home offices and bedrooms. This color which has long been associated with femininity and sweetness is gaining popularity among designers for it’s versatility and ability to add grace, comfort and whimsy to a room. Pink tones range from soft blush to intense raspberry, and work well with both pale palettes and darker colors such as navy blue and emerald-green. Skeptical? Here are a few rooms that might change your mind.

An overdyed pink rug wakes up this sophisticated living room. The curvy pattern echos the blue and white figured accessories, and warms up the metal-heavy furniture and neutral walls. The bright hue also looks great with the navy curtains.


Soft blush or “Millennial Pink” as it’s sometimes called can feel a little old-fashioned and musty in the wrong setting. Here, it looks chic and current thanks to frameless cabinets with shiny stainless hardware, white marble countertops, black appliances and a pale wood floor.

Roger and Chris are an Omaha-based design team who aren’t afraid of bold palettes, and their projects are filled with lots of contrast—darks and brights. The pink chairs in this happy room are set off by the black couch, lamps and trim on the windows. Even the white walls glow a soft pink when the daytime sun bounces off the bright chairs bathing the room in a most flattering light.

A pretty pink alcove creates a warm and restful spot to work. Warm gold toned accessories and honey stained floors compliment the pale pink walls.

Put this pink toned portrait in a pastel or all-white room and it wouldn’t pop the way it does here, plus the rosy color softens and ties together the blue and black geometric tie.

by Laurie Junker

Photo courtesy of Roger and Chris

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