Tiny House Expo Celebrates Living Large By Building Small

Tiny house

Neighborhood teardowns for out-of-scale McMansions, sprawling suburban homes of questionable construction and design quality, and urban apartment and condo buildings with space and amenities galore continue to be built at a rapid pace. Still, the tiny house movement continues to build momentum. And on Saturday and Sunday, October 1 and 2, Wild Rivers Habitat for Humanity is sponsoring the Tiny House Expo:AutumnFest at its ReStore in St. Croix Falls, WI.

The event celebrates a multitude of ways in which to live large with a miniscule footprint. Charming and tiny campers, cabins, residences and sportman’s shacks will be displayed. Tiny houses constructed from such materials as recycled barn wood will be exhibited. Parents will talk about why their families decided to live tiny, the tiny intentional lifestyle, and their dreams for urban tiny house communities. Other speakers will discuss plans for building small and sustainable by incorporating strategies for solar and living off-grid. Contractors and vendors for tiny house structures will also be on hand.

The Tiny House Expo takes place the same weekend as St. Croix Falls’ AutumnFest, which means the town will be bustling with activities, live music, sidewalk sales and opportunities to view fall color. The event is free but goodwill donations benefit Wild Rivers Habitat for Humanity.

By Camille LeFevre


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