Summer Home Decor

An antique round stool by HomeGoods.

Antique round stool, $125, The Golden Rule;  books, $9.95 and $19, HomeGoods; cast pencil cup, $19.95, CB2; marble cellar with lid, $29, Ciel Loft & Home;  Brixton hat in oxblood, $72, The Golden Rule

 A Baggu zip backpack sits propped against an Excelsior, MN bag

 Baggu zip backpack, $48, Excelsior, MN, bag, $68, The Golden Rule

 A stack of throw blankets by Ciel Loft & Home and The Golden Rule.

Throws: Black-and-white pattern, $99, blue polka dot, $119, and indigo-dyed Kantha, $159, all from Ciel Loft & Home; and black-white-nude X, $575, The Golden Rule

 A black swoon hurricane lantern with a candle in the center.

Swoon hurricane lantern, $59.95, CB2

 A Leather Smith rhino is set against two antique glass bottles.

Antique glass bottles, $84 and $44, and Leather Smith rhino, $99, all from Ciel Loft & Home

 A wall hanging made with brass tubing, wood and natural fibers.

Wall hanging by Cindy Hsu Zell, $140, The Golden Rule

 A tray holding an antique cocktail shaker, glasses, coasters, linen indigo napkin, large Sassi votive and tray.

Antique cocktail shaker, $149, glasses, $7, coasters, $7, linen indigo napkin, $15, large Sassi votive, $9, and tray, $29, all from Ciel Loft & Home

 White Peach Pottery mugs are perched on top of a solid wood pour-over.

Solid wood pour-over, $110, and White Peach Pottery mug, $36, The Golden Rule

Styled by Mickie Clark. Photos by Josh Grubbs


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