Omforme Opens, Giving New Life to Classic Antiques


Local artist, muralist, designer, and entrepreneur Carter Averbeck is at it again. The proprietor of Trompe Decorative Finishes toyed with the concept for his latest venture, Omforme (a Norwegian word meaning “to transform”), for a couple years, refinishing, recovering, and reimagining furniture he then sold in vintage shops and pop-ups. Customers soon became fans, snapping up his bright, colorful, fun creations. He opened Omforme in August, selling magical transformations of formerly weary antiques and once abused furniture, as well as stylish pillows and throws made from luxurious remnants, the work of local furniture designers and artists, and other finds. His goal: Keep the nostalgia but add the cool. “I transform furniture and sell it at a reasonable price for the next person—not at a huge mark up,” says Averbeck. “I just want people to have cool stuff in their house.”




By Chris Lee
Photos by Alex Steinberg

613 W. 24th St., Minneapolis

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