Military Style for the Home

by Jahna Peloquin | Image: Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

Military style is having a moment on the spring fashion runways—and that rugged, heritage-infused aesthetic is quickly making its way to home interiors. Battleship gray and army green are two of 2017’s biggest trends in paint and decor. Campaign-style furniture, which was developed for easy transport by officers in the military, has been given a chic twist with lacquer treatments and brass accents. Rough-hewn textures add an organic, lived-in feel. 

Here are some military-inspired picks from local brands and retailers to help you give your home a heritage feel:

The Faribault Woolen Mill started making hardy, warm wool blankets for the U.S. military in the 1890s. The brand’s Foot Soldier blankets use the same sturdy construction created for the U.S. military around 1917, and the Army Medic blanket is based on those originally created for the U.S. Army Medical Corps. $140-$200 @

Copper kettles were used in the military at the turn of the century. This elegant Japanese-made version by HARIO features copper plating, a brass handle, a clear-coated interior to prevent tarnishing, and a gooseneck, narrow spout that allows for a slow, precise pour. $150 @ Askov Finlayson,

North Loop store Wilson & Willy’s partnered with L.A. furniture designer Stephen Kenn on its Smoke Gray Foot Soldier Armchair, which is composed of a steel welded frame with a matte gray finish, smooth leather straps, and military-spec Faribault Woolen Mills fabric for the cushion covers. Made to order, $3,000 @ (a coordinating sofa is $6,000 @ Wilson & Willy’s,

This Swedish Dream Sea-Salt Soap moisturizes and softens skin with invigorating salts and marine algae, and features an anchor motif. $7 @ Askov Finlayson,

Modern and minimalist, Graf Lantz’s placements are hand-cut from luxe German merino wool felt offering effortless table setting that transitions between all interior aesthetics. Naturally heat resistant & water repellent. $29 each @ Wilson & Willy’s,

Cast iron skillets were often military issued during wartimes. This high-design version by Finex offers a hardy yet sleek look. $195 @ Wilson & Willy’s,

Faribault Woolen Mill’s American flag wool throw adds a touch of Americana to the home. $180 @ Gray Home + Lifestyle,

This rustic table lamp by Nasville’s Southern Lights Electric takes inspiration from vintage wood sockets and glass bell jar covers for this design. $148 @ Pharmacie, 

With its military green coloring and striping, this rug has the look of a military blanket. Made using 100% local Churro wool, each rug is dyed and woven by farmer and weaver Melinda Bateman. Available in two sizes, each rug is made to order. $600 @ Wilson & Willy’s,

Sailor stripes continue to be a strong trend in home and fashion. Rendered in tactile linen gives this trend a modern update. $14 each @ Gray Home + Lifestyle,

Grace Lantz’s granite felt coaster set includes 4 hand cut heavy duty 5mm thick wool felt coasters. Traditionally used for beer mugs in Bavarian taverns until the late 19th century, felt coasters are functional, durable and sophisticated. $24 @ Wilson & Willy’s,

Flasks were often used by members of the military. Roost’s polished brass flask offers a modern twist on the flask. $22.50 @ Gray Home + Lifestyle,




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