Knoll Furniture Now Available at Martin Patrick 3

Above: Saarinen’s womb for two returns to Knoll line after a 60-year absence.

Knoll Furniture Stools

Navy and gold stools by Knoll Furniture

Martin Patrick 3 is now the exclusive local retailer for pioneering modernist furniture manufacturer Knoll. Home furnishings manager Megan Husman said Knoll approached the store about carrying their lines and “it fits our aesthetic.” Known for its midcentury design, MP3 already has a few Knoll pieces on the floor and will be adding many more once its 6,000-square-foot expansion opens at the rear of the store. A large furniture gallery, VIP lounge, and the design studio will all hold court in the new space, which is set to premiere at a Dec. 10 holiday opening party. Right: Platner chair and stool, 50th anniversary gold-plated edition.

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By Susie Eaton Hopper


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