Literature-Inspired Candles by Frostbeard Studio

Do you love the smell of old books? Do you long to further experience the world of your favorite fictional character? Frostbeard Studio creates literature-inspired candles that provide book lovers with scents that will transport them to places such as Oxford Library or Gatsby’s Mansion.

Before Roxie Lubanovic and her husband Tom started Frostbeard Studio, he was a character animator, while she was a ceramicist, busy selling at craft fairs and making candles in her kitchen on the side. Eventually they joined creative forces and began working together to develop book-scented candles that exploded in popularity after being featured on Buzzfeed in 2013.

Lubanovic, who describes herself as a book nerd, came up with the idea when she searched for book-scented candles and couldn’t find anything. She opted for DIY. Candle making is a simple process, she says: Melt wax, add fragrance and color, and then pour the candles. “Creating the right fragrance mixture is the tricky part, which takes some experimenting,” she says. “We order samples of fragrance oils and try out different combinations until we find the right blend.”

Scientific articles about what old books smell like, and the chemical breakdown of the binding glue and paper, helps them home in on the right combination. “But our Old Books scent is based on a particular book we had on hand and liked the smell of, which we tried to recreate,” says Lubanovic. “My favorite type of research is reading novels (obviously). I create scents inspired by books that I’ve read and enjoyed, so sometimes I need to reread an old favorite to get ideas.” • See the full collection of book-scented soy candles at

By Catherine Guden. Photo courtesy of Frostbeard Studio


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