LiLu Interiors

Laura Shikowsky, Kashai Zupancich, Lisa Peck ceo + principle designer, Ally Partain

Photo by Tony Nelson

Interior Design

Lisa Peck, an award-winning, luxury interior designer and CEO of LiLu Interiors, is known as the “go-to” designer and client advocate for discerning families and professionals in Minneapolis. For more than three decades, she and her team have designed intimate, personality-driven, intentional interiors that have been featured by the country’s leading media channels. Peck is recognized for her concierge-level of service, meticulous process, and for nurturing lifelong partnerships that lead the majority of her clients to execute multiple projects. One of the keys to LiLu’s lasting success is the simple fact that Peck and her team view their clients as extensions of their own families, advocating for them—and their environments—as they would their own. Meshing functionality with unsurpassed beauty and highly personalized charm, Peck’s passion is perhaps best reflected in custom solutions, designing truly one-of-a-kind furniture, rugs, carpet, built-ins, and even accessories for LiLu’s clients.

275 MARKET ST., #546, Minneapolis, MN 55405 | 612-354-3271

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