Kids’ Room Trends

A recent survey conducted by Houzz, the popular home improvement and design site, reveals homeowner preferences as it relates to childrens’ bedrooms. And while kids rooms are more sophisticated than ever, they still feature a healthy dose of whimsy and individuality, because bedrooms are often the one place in the house where the kids still get a say.


Sixty-nine percent of respondents say their kids’ bedrooms have a theme. Nature or animals (53%) are the most popular followed by sports (17%) or princesses (15%). Nautical motifs, superheroes and geometric patterns are also in the mix.

kids bedroom trends

Blue Rules

Almost 60% of homeowners go for blue in the kids’ room followed by white, gray, green and pink (can’t have a princess theme without pink). This mirrors the continued popularity of blue, white and grey palettes in the rest of the home.

RIP the Heartthrob Poster

Sadly, even though most kids (70%) still get to weigh in how to decorate their room, posters of teen idols seem to have been replaced by word art, whimsical light fixtures, feature walls and faux fur accessories.

Kids Have A Lot Of Stuff

Managing clutter and keeping a clean room are highly important to parents when it comes to designing their kids’ rooms. Seventy percent of homeowners choose bookshelves and toy boxes to manage mess and clutter. Teaching kids to use them is another matter.

kids bedroom trends

Safe and Sturdy

Furniture and accessories (rugs, lamps, etc.) that are easy to clean and maintain are a top priority for parents, as well as having a functional setup, i.e., places to put clothes and toys that are easy for kids to use, and are made out of durable materials. About 20% of parents also look for non-toxic materials in paint, rugs, furniture finishes and bedding.

by Laurie Junker

Photos courtesy of Houzz


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