Jay Nuhring: Master of the Art of Re-seeing and Repurposing

Jay Nuhring has a gift for “re-seeing”—rooms, furniture, artwork, and more. He’s applied that talent and his formal training (he has a master’s in architecture from the University of Minnesota) to a range of design-related pursuits: interior design, home staging, photo styling, and art consulting and creation.

He can transform a space by rearranging the existing furniture, perhaps borrowing a piece or two from another room, and adding a rug or a piece of artwork that ties it all together. I know. I’ve seen him do it—all the while keeping his signature charm and delivering memorable bon mots (“Reconfiguring furniture in a room is like a keen conversationalist changing the subject.”).

Nuhring loves playing with graceful script to create abstract images.

Nearly a decade after he closed his North Loop gallery that exhibited artwork fashioned from repurposed billboard materials, he’s at it again. His often large-scale, Warhol-esque pieces are still based on billboards, typically printed on a vinyl material. But now he scans and digitally manipulates images that strike his fancy, reproducing a snippet of a face or object or typography in any size or color combination he wishes, and framing it the way he wants it.

This taking of images out of context to create pleasing and graphic artwork teeters between decorative and fine art, he says. And it gives him yet another way to repurpose and re-see. More at https://www.facebook.com/JayNuhringHouseStyling/. He’ll soon be rebranding as Jay Nuhring.

by Chris Lee


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