James McNeal Architecture & Design

Rob Hull, architectural designer • Angela Liesmaki, principal designer and coordinator • Jim McNeal, owner and principal architect

Photo by Tony Nelson

Residential Architecture

The team behind James McNeal Architecture & Design are experts in making innovative and bold ideas come to life. The architecture firm has taken on a huge range of projects—from large-scale residential estates to ambitious commercial spaces to remodels that fully embrace historic design styles. Jim McNeal, owner and principal architect, has been steeped in the architecture industry for three decades. Throughout the years, clients have relied on him for his unique, creative eye. “Our philosophy is to think creatively and imaginatively on all aspects of design, regardless of style or type of project,” he says. Though every project comes with its own challenges, McNeal and his team put their hearts into each home and keep their clients informed at every step. “It can be a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. We’ll be by your side for the whole ride,” McNeal notes. 

275 Market St., Suite 135, Minneapolis, MN 55405 | 877-796-JMAD | jmad.design

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