Idea to Steal: Golden Rorschach Wall

Ideas to Steal

Above: Custom stencils + gold foil + glue, + 200 hours = stunning mural.

We challenge you to step into the lobby of 811 Glenwood and fail to come to a full stop, enthralled by the floor-to-ceiling mural that covers the north wall.

Wouldn’t this be perfection (albeit at a smaller scale) covering that anonymous wall in your dining room? Or adding some glam to your powder room? Why, yes, it would.

The mural’s artist, Alicia “Lulu” Danzig, proprietor of Lulu Painting and Gypsy Mint Stencil Co., was inspired by the building’s design-oriented tenants (the likes of Yunker Associates Architecture, Twist Interior Design, and Martha Dayton Design) to create this intriguing stencil, custom designed to the scale of the wall. It required gold foil, quick dry glue, four painters, and more than 200 hours from start to finish. Danzig and crew used 24 individual stencils, four different times—in other words, 96 separate stencils—to create the mural.

They’d be happy to make paint and/or stencil magic happen in your house. Or sell you reusable stencils from Gypsy Mint for $35.95 to $59.95 so you can do it yourself.

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By Chris Lee
Photo by David J. Turner



Designer: Alicia Danzig, Lulu Painting and Gypsy Mint Stencil Co.

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