Idea to Steal: Glowing Basement Bookshelves at The Library at Marin

Above: Plush wing chairs beckon  you to settle in

For an intimate evening out, you might envision deep ruby glasses of pinot illuminated by candlelight, set to the soundtrack of soft clinking and murmurs. You probably don’t have a library in mind. Yet if you make your way downstairs at Marin on Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, you’re liable to sink right into the seductive, cozy atmosphere of The Library. The lounge, with a backlit bar, snuggly seating, and glowing shelves of books, offers a solution to a common basement problem: Lack of natural light. Enter Shea, Inc., the go-to restaurant designer for Minneapolis restaurants these days, with a clever solution. The sexy curve of those bookshelves sprang from a sketch and was brought to life by Aaron Carlson Corp., a Minneapolis woodworking company. The shelves of various depths and heights are lit from the top so that the books radiate a welcoming glow.  The ambiance is effective. “You almost feel as though you’re at home,” says Shea principal Tanya Spaulding. “It envelops you and welcomes you in.”— Katie Dohman

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By Katie Dohman
Photo by David J. Turner


Designer: Shea Inc.
Cabinetmaker: Aaron Carlson Corp.

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