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Ideally—form should follow function in interior design. The space should be useable and then beautiful. “I love creating beautiful, inviting spaces that you can feel comfortable really ‘living’ in,” says Kristi Patterson, owner/principal designer of Grace Hill Design. “Have your friends over, let your kids play, put your feet up.”

She adds glam in the form of interesting light fixtures, art, or accessories (like crystal doorknobs). “Those special touches can make a big difference.”

Kristi draws inspiration from her clients’ individual style. She has a knack for mixing patterns and textures, allowing for a customized look—whether combining old with new, casual with sophisticated, or color with neutrals. The process of interior design involves looking at everything in a room, then editing and editing again. Your home is your personal sanctuary, she says, and “everything should deserve to be there.”

Photo courtesy of Grace Hill Design

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