Get the Look: Summer Play

So many options, so little time.

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Stacked painted boxes, $30-$40, wood trunk, $46, and antique laundry pins, three for $1, all from Piccadilly Prairie 
//  Antique papers, $4, Hunt & Gather //  Vintage unicycle, $128,  //  Woven rug, $995, rope and winder, $23, boat cushion, $95, black-and-white paddle, $68, croquet mallets (part of a set), $165,
and landing net, $85, The Country Look-In Antiques 
//  Wooden paddles, $85-$280, REI //  White button-down blouse (on left), $23, Target  //  Vintage painted chair, stylist’s own

Stylist: Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle
Assistant stylist: Claire Neviaser, studiobstyle
Photo by Joel Larson


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