Get the Look: Backyard Glow

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Southern Light
Casamidy Hospicio hand-blown glass lantern with leather strap, $225, Casa Verde,

Shine On
Casamidy Symi lantern, gilt-nickel finish, $396, Casa Verde,

Old Flame
Patinaed lantern, $54, Lily and Violet Boutique,

Light ‘N Lively
White recycled metal lantern with cutouts, $99, West Elm,

Rekindled romance
Small mesh lantern, $30, Lily and Violet Boutique,

Smith & Hawken outdoor metal solar lamp, $24.48, Target,

Blaze of Glory
Threshold metal lantern, $29.99, Target

Location courtesy Gordon James.

Styled & produced by Style-Architects
Photo by Alex Steinberg

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