A Revitalized Minnetonka Living Room


Whether it’s a move, a baby, or tired, dated décor, suddenly it’s time for a makeover. A floor-to-ceiling redo can be as dramatic as knocking down a wall, but without all the drywall dust. New or renewed furniture, accessories, colors, patterns, and textures transform a room. Yet that’s not the whole story, especially if the space is to reflect your style, capture a certain feeling, and function the way you want it to for your family. “Your home should be a reflection of who you are at your core,” says Lisa Peck, principal of LiLu Interiors in Minneapolis. It’s an approach to design she calls “mindfulness”— discovering what matters most to a client and designing rooms that support those desires.

Consider this living room designed by Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design in Minneapolis.


Living room before redesign

Deb and Kent Knutson of Minnetonka wanted the furniture to float in the center of the 19-by-25-foot room so people could easily circulate in all directions. The creamy walls and furnishings maintain the ethereal feel of a woodland aerie, while the oatmeal upholstery on the 104-inch sofas and chairs adds enough color for warmth. There’s seating for eight, which the homeowners requested, as well as handy perches on the low-profile, wide-back, tufted sofas for people (and dogs), allowing all to enjoy the surrounding view (no window treatments on the floor-to-ceiling windows, also at the homeowners’ request). The four cocktail tables can be used together or separately to further bolster ease of movement and versatility.

Then there’s that showstopping area rug. Purchased with the house, it was sun-faded and pet-stained. But the price was right, and it fit the enormous room. Hagen researched the options for renewing the 15-by-19-foot rug, with able assistance from Aubry Angelo of Minneapolis. It was washed, color-stripped, sheared, and over-dyed—a process with no guarantee of success that required a sign-off from the Knutsons. In this case, the risk was worth it. The result is a vibrant and stylish rug that picks up the red of the lacquered side table and grounds the entire space.

By Chris Lee 
Photo by Steve Henke

Interior Design: Brandi Hagen, Eminent Interior Design

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