Dorm Room Inspiration

Since the new school year is fast approaching, look no further for help with designing the perfect dorm room that both incorporates your sense of style and functions to fit your hectic college schedule.


Since the bed is the main focal point in the bedroom as well as the spot where you will be relaxing, studying, and hanging out with friends, it can easily be used to set the design vibe for the rest of the room.

1. Bohemian

This laid-back style can be accomplished by combining different textures and patterns.

2. Artsy

Create a room that stimulates creativity by using bold colors and quirky additions.

3. Minimalist

Begin with a neutral base such as black or white, to ensure a clean and relaxing space.

4. Glam

Modern glamour can be achieved through metallic colors and tons of luxurious throw pillows.

5. Preppy

This style is for the traditionalist who can’t bear to part with classic elements of design.


Having good storage systems in place is essential to keeping a cramped dorm room organized and accessible.

Clothing racks work well not only to store extra clothes that don’t fit in your closet, but also to display your favorite pieces.

Clothing Rack from Urban Outfitters.

Ottomans double as storage for shoes and places to sit when hanging out.

Ottoman from Target.

Wall Decor

A giant white wall can be pretty boring, especially if you can’t paint. Use a wall tapestry, stick-on decals and Washi tape to transform your bland dorm room into  a fun and unique space that represents you.

Tapestry from Urban Outfitters.




by Catherine Guden


Personal Designer

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