Dale Mulfinger’s The Family Cabin

Architect Dale Mulfinger, a.k.a. the “cabinologist,” has designed more than 100 cabins and written about them in all of their permutations for decades. Principal emeritus at Minneapolis firm SALA Architects who also teaches a class on cabin design at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture, Mulfinger once again brings his expertise and affection for our getaways to the fore in his latest book, The Family Cabin, to be published by Taunton Press this fall.

In this lavishly photographed volume, he examines dozens of family compounds—old, new, cabins, cottages, and camps across North America—their inspiration and the nostalgic place they so often hold. The author’s deep affection for our refuges and the family lore behind them comes through in every line. Even when the structures themselves have been expanded, renovated, and sometimes taken down and reassembled log by log, they can still cast a spell, he writes: “When a cabin is blessed with enough original character, even if it’s added to again and again, the original aesthetic is never diluted but delightfully expanded. It’s akin to a good jazz performance, where the theme holds everything together as additional instruments come into play.” Whether you’re in need of cabin nostalgia, getaway inspiration, or just a good read, check out Mulfinger’s latest.

By Chris Lee. Photo by Taunton Press





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