Colette Jaffe Launches Colorful Luxury, Italian Linen Collection

Colette Jaffe Linens

“I don’t believe the world needs another white and beige linen company,” says Colette Jaffe, who just launched her own luxury linen and home collection. The Colette Jaffe Collection, available at MartinPatrick 3 in the North Loop neighborhood of downtown Minneapolis, is manufactured in the Tuscany region of Italy. The fabric is Italian as well, but the designs are Jaffe’s own.

Originally from Minnesota, Jaffe has worked in the luxury linen business for more than two decades. She was co-CEO of Milan-based supplier Next in Home and spent 21 years at Pratesi Linens. “I decided I’d built everyone else’s business and it was time to build my own,” she says.

“My whole feeling about linens is that most of us just buy them because they match our décor. We don’t think about why we’re buying them,” she says. “You don’t feel that way about your clothes. You buy what you love and what you feel good in. That’s how we should think about our bed linens. After all, you spend more than one-third of your life in bed.”

Jaffe’s designs for her new collection started with a drawing of two interlocking C’s a friend sent her decades ago. “My friend told me, when she gave me the drawing,” Jaffe recalls, “that ‘Someday you’ll have your own company and you can use this.’ So I took it out, started playing with it on the computer, and ended up with my CJ design.”

The CJ became one of Jaffe’s signatures, along with the Multi Righe design. With bold color and detailed embroidery, the pieces are “to be mixed matched, so you can make it your own,” Jaffe says.

The linens are made from premium materials such as long-staple Egyptian cotton and alabaster. The collection will include signature sheets, pillowcases, duvets, candles, bathrobes, bathroom accessories, with each piece sold separately. Products available now include pillowcases, two for $140; top sheet, $185; and full Queen Set priced at just under $500. Items will be available for sale on the Colette Jaffe website by winter 2016.

Jaffe’s collection, in addition to bedding, includes bathroom linens and home accessories. Of special note: much of the embroidery incorporates multi-colored threads from Italy “that no one else is using,” Jaffe says.

“After all these years, I just wanted to do something different and more personal,” she adds. “The linens are modern, with bold patterns, designs and color, as I’m inspired by artists of the 1960s, like Warhol and Lichtenstein.” And she set up her shop within a shop, at MartinPatrick 3, she adds, “because it was just my vibe.”

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