Clean Your Mutts with a Mitt: Special Reader Discount

Lots of product pitches come my way, often for highly stylish items of enviable luxury. Which is probably why something with the dopey name of “Groovy Glove” stopped me. It’s a six-fingered glove made of microfiber, designed for cleaning household items, cars, and dirty dogs. They wanted to send me one. Would I try it?

In my house, two big furry dogs translate to eight wet, muddy paws. So I bit.

My Groovy Glove arrived, just in time for April showers, so it’s gotten quite a workout: It really does clean dirty paws. The six fingers allow you to flip it over and both sides of the glove before throwing it in the washing machine.

So it’s… groovy. If you want one of your own, the makers are offering Home Dish readers a discount. Use the code GreenSpring for 40 percent off and free shipping.

I’m sure it would be handy for other household cleaning jobs as well, but I never get that far. My Groovy Glove is always covered the grime that would have been tracked into the house.

by Chris Lee


Personal Designer

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