A TV Masquerading As Art? About Time.

I haven’t been this excited about a product since Nike teamed up with Cole Haan to make high heels comfortable. No more bulky cabinets or ugly black reflective screens staring out at you from the family room wall. This Samsung TV, dubbed “The Frame” is designed to look like a piece of framed art and actually does.

You can choose from one hundred pieces of curated art grouped into ten categories, such as landscapes, urban abstract, drawings, patterns, architecture, or upload your own photos to display. Additional art can be purchased at any time or Samsung offers a monthly subscription for a small fee.

The Frame TV

The TV can be mounted on the wall, set on a table top or even, get this, displayed on an easel. It is available in three different frame colors, walnut, beige and white, and the frames can be swapped out if you decide to change your design scheme from city chic to coastal casual. Each frame is $250. This TV is smart, too. It has a motion sensor which detects your presence and turns the screen on when you’re there, but turns it off when you’re not and the lighting automatically adjusts to the light in the room so your “artwork” looks natural whether it’s morning or dusk. 

It has a thin, almost transparent cord that connects to a small “One-Connect” box which can be fished through the wall and tucked away somewhere out of sight. Available in 55″ and 65″ models, $1999.99 and $2799.99 at Best Buy and other home electronics retailers. Not inexpensive, but a perhaps a small price to pay for those whose design bane is where to put the TV.

by Laurie Junker

Photo courtesy of Dabito via Old Brand New. 


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