22 Easy Upgrades to Make Your Guest Room Hotel Worthy

luxury bedroom interior with beverage on bed.

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Chances are, you don’t experience your guest room all that often. It might house your elliptical machine, some seasonal clothing, and perhaps a couple of piles of books you intended to donate. Snap to the fore and give it a gracious upgrade with these tips and decor fixes before your favorite guests and family shows up.

  1. Add a large mirror. Guests like to see how they look before holiday pictures and events. A behind-the-door model will suffice but if you want the W treatment, go oversized and luxurious.
  2. Layer an interesting rug or runner on hardwoods or over carpet for an elegant and unexpected touch.
  3. Switch up the artwork. Try a fun picture wall behind the headboard.
  4. Make sure there is a bedside lamp or add swing-arm lamps (there are many models that don’t have to be hard-wired).
  5. Add night lights in the bedroom and bath so guests can get around without having to wake up their bedmates. If they have to leave their room to get to a bath, add them in the hallway as well.
  6. Press the sheets on the bed or have them dry cleaned to add a magical experience to turning down the covers.
  7. Make sure draperies and shades are adequate to block out morning sun.
  8. Make sure you have some nice hangers in the closet. No wire hangers, right?
  9. Empty dresser drawers and line them with paper.
  10. Layer a couple of blankets and comforters at the end of the bed in case guests are cold.
  11. Toss a fluffy faux fur throw across the bed for a bit of softness and glamour.
  12. Make sure guests have slippers and a soft robe to use. With airline restrictions on bags, few people will be able to bring their own.
  13. If your pillows are washable, make sure they are clean. If they need to be dry cleaned, do it.
  14. Add a comfy chair or stool to the room to change shoes and lay clothes.
  15. Bring in some books and current magazines in case guests want something to read.
  16. A travel candle is a gracious touch and guests can take it home. Make sure to leave matches for lighting.
  17. The entertainment bundle: If there is a TV in the room, make sure the instructions on using it are typed out and left near the remote. Include the WIFI password in case they want to get online.
  18. Put a tiny notebook and pen on the bedside table.
  19. On a small tray or basket, put together some treats – fruit, crackers, cheese, wine. And some chocolates. A carafe of ice water and lovely glasses complete the vignette.
  20. Put together a bathroom caddy or tray. Include travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner, a toothbrush and paste, deodorant, ibuprofen, mouthwash, and hand lotion.
  21. Set out clean towels, washcloths and a special new bar of soap for use in the shower. Extra points if the soap is Hermes.
  22. Leave a handwritten note welcoming your guests on the bed. If there are any special instructions on living well in the house (Shut your door or Fluffy will be your bedmate by 11 p.m.), along with breakfast time, and a memorable quote that will make them feel special. The next morning, inquire about how the overnight went so they aren’t forced to tell you!

By Susie Eaton Hopper


Personal Designer

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