2022 Virtual Luxury Home Tour: BlueStem Remodeling Reimagined

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Square Footage of the Home: 5436

Square Footage of the Remodel: 780

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 4

Inspiration Behind the Remodel: These homeowners wanted to remodel their kitchen, which was outdated, awkward, inefficiently designed, and lacked functional storage. Before the remodel, the only aspect of the kitchen the homeowners enjoyed was the ice machine. The Bluestem team set out to provide the homeowners with a clean and open space to entertain guests that also had the storage they needed. Throughout the design process, the homeowners decided to complete more projects in the home. The final remodel project included the kitchen, pantry, bar area, mudroom, entryway, and the main suite, including the bathroom and adding a laundry room.

Challenges Bluestem Overcame in the Remodel: The original kitchen was a long and narrow space. Changing the actual space the kitchen was located in would have been very difficult within the layout of the home. So, accommodating the homeowner’s vision required clever redesign within the existing kitchen space. The introduction of two kitchen islands helped create a more efficient flow in the narrow space while providing additional storage. Moving the laundry room from the main floor up to the owner’s suite on the second floor also helped create additional space to bring the large walk-in pantry to life. A secondary laundry room was added in the basement to keep the owner’s suite private and provide laundry access to the rest of the family.

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The Bluestem design and build process respects the story of your family, your home, and your neighborhood while embracing the unique dreams you hold for the spaces you share. When we are done, we want you to feel that your home fits together perfectly – and tells a tale of belonging, comfort, and grace. We bring the design integrity and craftsmanship that will provide a welcoming place for you to create your own new stories for years to come.


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