Fun Products for Spring Cleaning

Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda, $3.99, Frattallone’s Ace Hardware; Kirkland Hedgehog dryer buddies, $5.99, and bamboo clothes pins, 24-pack, $2.99, World Market; Cedar Green aromatic cedar sachets, 4-pack, $3.99, Marshall’sArm & Hammer super washing soda and cleaning supplies

Italian broom, $9.99, from HomeGoodsItalian broom from Home Goods

Wool Shop wedge mop, $16.99, HomeGoodsimg_2016-04_Finds_Product_Spring-Cleaning_Wool-Mop_G
Swedish foldable drying rack, $86, The Foundry Home Goods; Blue textured terry dishtowels, $5.95 each, Crate & Barrel; Stockholm towel, $30, Herring towel, $22, both from Ingebretsen’s; Charlotte tote, $19.99, World Market

drying rack, towels, Foundry Home Goods

Rattan carpet beater, $46, The Foundry Home Goods Rattan carpet beaterBentley caddy, $19.99, and Lambswool duster, $5.99, both at HomeGoods; Twisted-wire bottle brush, $14, Rice straw brush, $8, and Common Good All-Purpose spray and bottle, $18, all at The Foundry Home Goods; Feather duster, $14.99, World Market; Sophisticated Clean microfiber cleaning cloth, 10/pack, $5.99, and Scrub brush, $2.99, both at Marshall’s; Bon Ami cleanser, $1.43, Frattallone’s Ace Hardwarecaddy, spring cleaning, duster, brush

Wooly Bully duster, $14.99, World Marketwolly bully dusterBentley large pail, $12.99, True Blue household gloves, $5.99, brush $3.99, all at HomeGoods; Krystal Cleaner, $9.95, and wood bird, $11, Ingebretsen’s

bentley pail, spring cleaning supplies

Shallow plate, $3.99, World Market; 5-inch Birch root scrubber, $12, and Svensk Dröm sea salt soap, $10, both at Ingebretsen’splate and scrubber

Dish/brush set, $6.99, Marshalls; ECOS Dishmate dish liquid, $3.59, Fraattallone’s; Your Turn Swedish dish cloth, $6.50, and Wood bird, $6, both at Ingebretsen’s; Pop-up flower sponge, $9.95, and green scrub sponge, $1.95, both at Crate & Barrel; Swedish long-handled, curved dish brush, $18, The Foundry Home Goodscleaning supplies, dish soap

Photos by Josh Grubbs
Styled by Mickie Clark

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